Custom Design Services are available for clients who are looking for a custom feel in their space. A comprehensive lighting plan will ensure correct implementation of all your lighting from switch placement, to recessed lighting, to decorative lighting.


We are professionals in the implementation of various types of lighting:



Ambient Lighting

This is the general lighting of the space. The overall lighting is what people commonly think of when they consider lighting.



Task Lighting

This is used in specific situations to accomplish a task or when additional lighting may be required. Specific examples of this are reading and cooking.



Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific points of interest. This can be anything from illuminating your favorite piece of art work to illuminating your coffered ceilings.


Phase 1: Scope & Complexity Assessment


At the onset of a project, we like to meet with each client to understand the scope and complexity. As early as possible, we like to review architectural prints, learn your vision for the space, and be made aware of any specific concerns you may have. This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the process we follow to ensure effective and beautiful lighting in all your spaces. After this meeting, we will be able to provide you an accurate project quote.




Phase 2: The Design


During the design phase, we will work on meeting the clients requests and designing the lighting to meet the needs of your spaces effectively. There is great diversity in the amount of interaction our clients prefer to have in this phase. We invite you to do as much or as little as you are comfortable: providing design ideas, input on your preferences, things you like or dislike, etc. We also like to walk through the space once rough construction is completed as we try to experience the physical environment as the spaces develop.




Phase 3: Communication


At this point, we are comfortable enough with the design and like to present and review the finalized design to our clients. This finalized design includes a printed blueprint serving as your installation guideline and a lighting and switching schedule including specific fixture requirements for each space. We make sure every detail is clearly considered and love to present a comprehensive recessed and decorative plan.




Phase 4: The Execution


This is when the design comes to life! During this final phase, we will be working with the general contractor or lead electrician to make sure that your lighting is installed per our design. During this phase, light fixtures will be available as required pre-labeled to match the lighting schedule for the contractors and electricians. Fixtures are delivered at no extra charge with the applicable bulbs to make sure every detail is managed appropriately.