“There’s more than one way to correctly light a space,”


David & Marie of Mancini Fine Lighting and Design of East Greenwich, Rhode Island have an excess of 50 years accumulated experience with lighting.


Years of expertise have taught them that close collaboration with the client is key.


We provide very personalized services. We not only meet with the homeowners in our showroom, but we also go through the client’s property — be it a renovation or a new construction — with them to understand and determine how each space is going to be utilized. This extra personalized step allows us to ensure that we are designing and specifying lighting that suits their needs and will perform in their spaces the way they expect.

How We can Help...

Comprehensive Design Services


Our design services are a customized and tailored engagement where we deliver you a custom lighting plan for your project.


With over 30 years of experience and expertise, we have learned that each client has a unique vision and set of goals for their project. We work diligently to understand and integrate this vision with the technical lighting requirements for a beautiful and functional outcome.



Consulting Services


Our consulting services involve a customized and tailored engagement where we answer specific questions about a particular lighting instance in your home. This option is an ideal solution for updates, renovations, remodeling, concerns with the amount of light in a particular space and for those that would like to make a transition to green-friendly LED options. Consultations are priced on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexities and requirements. Please contact us for more detailed pricing information.



Lighting Products


As designers, we are superior at providing you with plans and advice. As a retailer, we are the proud providers of over 200 lighting lines. We offer not only standard product lines, but also unique, artisan and custom products to meet the needs of any project. A selection of these lines as well as samples of colors and textures is available in our charming showroom and meeting space located on Main Street in East Greenwich.



Lighting Automation


Lighting automation is a unique way to to control your lighting via remotes, keypads or apps on your phone or tablet as well as via timers and schedules. Light levels are used to affect mood, emphasize architecture, illuminate art, and influence function. The combination of lights and technology increases the ease of use and comfort level in your space.