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Lighting Automation

In ensuring the proper administration of the types of lighting, there is sometimes a need or desire for lighting automation. Lighting automation systems allow you to control your lighting via remotes, keypads or apps on your phone or tablet. Automation goes beyond simply turning on a switch allowing you to create different lighting scenes and set them to activate at different times of the day. Lighting and technology are being integrated together seamlessly to make your experience with lighting automation an effortless one.

Examples of how automation can be used include:

  • Programing your system to turn on your exterior lighting at dusk and have it automatically go off at your chosen time.
  • Creating an entertaining scene that will light specific areas in your home for guests or dinner parties.
  • Establishment of vacation modes to make lighting continue to function with variability so possible intruders are unable to tell your home is vacant.
  • Application of geofencing to illuminate exterior lighting when you are approaching your home from your evening commute.
  • Integration with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, smart thermostats, garage door openers, security systems, sprinkler systems, and window blind motors.